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The Ore Is Precious Please Cherish

Why is the ore expensive?1.Ore mining is not only difficult but also expensive.2. Ore is a one-time energy that cannot be regenerated.3. Mining will bring environmental pollution that is difficult to repair.How are the mineral resources wasted?1.The mining machinery was used improperly.2. Tailings treatment is imperfect.

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The Creator of the Graciousness gave the human being the mineral resources that can be seen everywhere.Such as various types of aggregate that were widely used in construction and other infrastructure construction, minerals that used in the chemical, energy, smelting and other fields. These ore resources are constantly being mined and used, and now they are becoming less and less scarce. So we should cherish these mineral resources.

Why is the ore expensive?

1.Ore mining is not only difficult but also expensive.

At present, there are three commonly used mining methods,open stope mining method,block caving mining,filling mining. No matter what kind of way you need to invest a lot of manpower and material costs. In addition, due to the complex mining environment, mining work is often accompanied by dust explosion, gas explosion and other risk factors, mining is extremely difficult.

2. Ore is a one-time energy that cannot be regenerated.

Mines include coal mines, metal mines, non-metallic minerals, building materials, chemical mines and so on. But no matter what kind of ore formation cycle is very long, the once again forming time generally need tens of thousands of years. So in the scientific scope, these minerals are often defined as non-renewable energy.

3. Mining will bring environmental pollution that is difficult to repair.

In the process of mining and mineral processing often produce a variety of pollutants. Among them waste water pollution and heavy metal pollution is more serious. The discharge of such chemical waste on the one hand pollution of air quality on the other hand for land and groundwater resources caused a lot of pollution, seriously affecting the use of land and groundwater. Rely on the current level of technology, even if you spend a lot of repair costs, repair effect is not ideal.

How are the mineral resources wasted?

1.The mining machinery was used improperly.

Ore treatment can be divided into four categories: ore crushing, mineral processing, sand making, ore milling.These treatments depend on modern mining machinery and equipment, such as Ore crusher, Raymond Mill, flotation machine, rotary kiln and so on.Some equipment with backward technology on the market will result in low utilization of ore and waste of ore resources.

2. Tailings treatment is imperfect.

In the modern mining industry, due to the behindhand tailings treatment technology level, the use of tailings is low and its comprehensive utilization rate of only 8%.A large number of tailings that accumulated in the warehouse occupied the land resources and it increased the operating costs of enterprises.At the same time, there are security risks.

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